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As we all know, appropriately counseling patients on and treating obesity and diabetes takes a significant amount of time. It is extremely challenging to find that time in the setting of your primary care or specialty practice.

Many patients often do not know where to begin or are overwhelmed by the changes they need to make to be successful in weight loss or in controlling their diabetes. Let us provide them with the resources they need to accomplish it.

Our program is fully dedicated to weight and diabetes management. Obesity-associated conditions will improve and your patients with Diabetes will be more easily managed.

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Diabetes for Primary Care: A Step-by-Step Approach by Nachida Hamidi-Sitouah, MD

As a primary care provider, you might find it challenging to care for patients with diabetes. Diabetes for Primary Care: A Step-by-Step Approach, describes how experts manage ​ diabetes with a simplified approach that focuses on the practical aspects. This book presents the author’s knowledge and expertise acquired after a full year of a diabetes fellowship, and it is inspired by the author’s own experiences managing diabetes before and after the fellowship, containing the discoveries that allowed her to improve diabetes control. Diabetes for Primary Care: A Step-by-Step Approach, highlights the most common mistakes made by primary care providers and the potential causes of treatment failure in diabetes. And finally, it provides you with a template for a patient’s pre-visit checklist that will hold all necessary information during office visits. This will not only help guide you in your decision making process but will also save a tremendous amount of your valuable time.

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