11 Weight Loss Tips from Dr. S

Losing weight is more than just “eat less and move more”. There are many factors that affect your weight and health. 

Here, Dr Nachida Hamidi-Sitouah is sharing her top 11, evidence based, weight loss tips that will help you succeed in your weight loss and weight maintenance journey.

Tip #1 – Accountability is behavior key No. 1 to weight loss success

Have a friend/family ‘partner’ or commit to a structured weight loss program.

Tip #2 – Consistency and Sustainability are crucial for weight loss

It might take 4 weeks to change a habit, and 1 to 2 years to make that habit permanent. 

Choose a plan that will work for you long-term.

Tip #3 – Tracking and weight loss

Why is tracking your food and weight so important?

• Success: Self-monitoring is the number 1 predictor of weight loss, and especially weight maintenance.

• Accuracy: What people think they have consumed and what they have actually consumed is often different. Most individuals underestimate calories by one-third.

• Awareness: Tracking tells you if you are meeting your goals. Plus, it helps you see where you are doing well, and where you could improve.

Tip #4 – Motivation

It is important to spend time reflecting on why YOU want to lose weight and live a healthier life. Make a Non-Scale Victory List and keep it in a place you will see often. It is your values compass that you consult before making a choice. 

Celebrate your accomplishments. Reward yourself every time you reach a goal.

Tip #5 – Physical Activity

You can lose weight without exercise but physical activity is crucial for health and weight maintenance.

Tip #6 – Weight Goal and Expectations

“Best weight” is different for each individual and can’t be determined ahead of time. “The healthier weight you get to that you can maintain long-term, and a way of living that you are happy with”. 

There will be a plateau after 6 months of weight loss, when just not gaining weight will be a victory.

Adding a new tool to your plan will help you start a new weight loss phase. 

Tip #7 – Smart Goals


You will hit your big goals naturally by hitting your small goals first. Set a goal with a deadline and decide how exactly you are going to reach it. What actions will you take and how will you cope with challenges you may face?

Tip #8 – Sleep

Aim for at least 7 hours of quality sleep every night. Sleep is crucial, it improves your metabolism and WILL make you more successful with your plan. 

Tip #9 – Nutrition

All calories are not equal. Focus on the quality of the food.

Choose whole and UNPROCESSED foods, PLANTS and PROTEIN, limit carbs. 

Drink enough WATER a minimum of 64 oz per day. Avoid sweetened drinks and limit alcohol. 

Tip #10 – Positivity

Don’t focus on what you can’t eat but on what you will consume more of. 

Lapses are normal, temporary and expected. 

Be prepared and stay positive, look at the big picture.

Focus on the behavior, criticize the behavior, not yourself. 

Don’t compare your weight loss progress with anybody else. 

Tip #11 – Relaxation

Find time to relax and de-stress daily and do something you enjoy even if it’s only 5 minutes.

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